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Edgify in Retail

Edgify is a deep tech company that developed the world's first models of training artificial intelligence (AI) of computer vision, directly on simple edge devices such as SCOs, PC scales and lane POS machines. The framework that Edgify has created utilizes two unique patented algorithms called The Edgify Edge Training Loop & The Edgify Collaborative Controller. When they work in tandem with each other, they keep the edge devices always learning and improving locally. The knowledge gained is then shared with the rest of the checkouts in the store, and with the checkouts across the entire chain.

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Item Recognition

The ability to train complex A.I models of computer vision directly on edge devices such as SCOs, brings benefits to retailers that will drastically impact their way of business such as recognising loose/non-barcoded items with a 99.98% accuracy average.

Loss Prevention

Experiencing loss at the Point-of-sale is extremely common for most grocery retailers, to the point that it is seen as “a way of doing business” – Well, we are here to make a change!

Being able to confidently identify any product at the Point-of-Sale at near-100% accuracy allows our solution to be quite versatile. Our high accuracy bespoke solution allows us to offer your business different loss prevention tiers when it comes to security at the checkout, such as False Selection, Fraud Detection and soon to come, Theft Prevention.

Benefits for Supermarkets

The benefits reaped by retailers who integrate edge-training-high-accuracy AI framework are game changing to say the least. Training complex A.I models of computer vision on the edge provides retailers with benefits such as:

  • Reducing loss and shrinkage by up to 90%,
  • A dramatic Increase in checkout speed by up to 75%,
  • A reduction in overall plastic used in stores by up to 50% and more!

View our full benefits presentation here:

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How does Edgify work?

Step 1

John chooses a banana from a list, which uses the camera image to train itself to recognise bananas

Step 2

The self-checkout unit shares its learnings with all other checkout units and scales in-store. And

Step 3

After a month, all devices
in-store can identify all produce with near-100% accuracy

Step 4

This store then shares its ‘knowledge’ with all other stores. And vice-versa

Find out how Edgify works in more detail here:

Frictionless Integration

We understand that adopting A.I technology for retailers is quite a difficult task, as most A.I companies rely on server rooms and the cloud for training as well as having a specific type of operating system that can be integrated with their A.I software. Edgify eliminates both these friction points immediately, as we are able to integrate our software to any operating system your edge devices may use by utilizing just 2 simple APIs and because we train on the checkout machine itself, training AI directly on the edge means that you never need a server room in the store, nor do you need to upload any data to the cloud for training. Edgify’s framework only needs a simple USB camera and we can start making real changes for your business!

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